Green Age Demal Cream

Green Age Dermal Cream #Maskne Edition

The use of the mask can alter the skin microbiome, favoring the appearance on the face of impurities, pimples and irritations: the so-called #Maskne.
???? #HISTOMER Green Age Dermal Cream is the purifying, bacteriostatic, anti-reddening face cream to counteract the acne tendency, optimal for both younger and more adult skin!
Today in its new version even more effective thanks to the unique ingredients such as:
✅ Silver citrate: thanks to its strong bacteriostatic activity it reduces the proliferation of Propionibacterium Acnes and the frequency and severity of skin rashes.
✅ Zinc Acetate: with its particular anti-inflammatory activity it reduces the risk of scarring of acne lesions.
✅ Willow Extract: a concentrate of white willow bark, rich in salicylic acid glycosides. Prevents occlusions of the sebaceous follicles and encystation of infection.

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