Golden Tan Booster

Abbronzatissima: Professional Tanning Treatment

☀️ Perfect tan: here’s how to prepare your skin for the sun for a faster, more intense and lasting tan!
But when it comes to tanning, we need to pay attention to the health of our skin.
➡️ Always use protection, do a weekly scrub, eat healthily and drink plenty of water are the first fundamental rules.
But today we present you a healthy shortcut to tan faster and intensely safely.
✨ The Histomer ULTRA TAN special treatment, born from clinical studies conducted by the University of Pavia on our extraordinary Histan Golden Tan Super Booster tanning intensifier.
➡️ Histan Golden Tan, applied at least 5 days before exposure to the sun, and then under protection or as after sun, has shown average increases of + 40% in tanning already after only 2 weeks of sun.
In addition, in the Abbronzatissima program, we have combined an illuminating rehydrating professional scrub with Golden Tan.
???? The package includes a 40 minute scrub with an application of Golden Tan + the product to use at home in 250 ml format. All for only € 54 instead of € 80.

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