No. 1 enemies of our beauty are wrinkles and dark circles being those dark halos that often darken our under eyes area.

At the origin of dark circles, there is a problem of venous and lymphatic stasis that favours the deposit of dark pigments (hemosiderin, haemoglobin, glycated proteins) in this area. Very thin skin exacerbates this condition.

To effectively counteract the problem, Histomer Eye Life concentrates its action in the bio-flavonoids of Solidago Virga Aurea, an active ingredient that has always been known for its powerful protective and stimulating vessel action in the micro-circulation.

The bio-flavonoids of Solidago Virga Aurea have the ability to counteract capillary fragility, venous and lymphatic stasis by improving the micro-circulation and promoting the reabsorption of the hemosiderin and oxidized haemoglobin pigments.
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