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Many will have noticed by now, the appearance of tiny pimples on the face, or a skin that is drier and sometimes painful. They can be consequences of constant mask-wearing, for more hours during the day. 😷
Here are Histomer’s tips to take care of your irritated face:
💧 A good skincare routine starts, as usual, from the cleansing that needs to be delicate and should be done twice a day, before the mask and after, to remove impurities and bacteria that form through the day.
🌸 It’s always good practice to take care of your skin like it deserves, never giving up hydration and choosing a light but emollient product for the area affected by the maskne that can restore irritated skin relief, protect and repair it, restoring it to achieve correct pH balance.
✨ The three essential allies for your beauty routine:
– Hisiris Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel
– Hisiris Whenever Gel Mask
– Hisiris Pro Dermis

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