BIOGENA has considerable experience, more than thirty years in dermatology.

We aim to develop adjuvants for cleansing and treatments for the main skin problems. We provide a wide range of solutions for trichology, photoprotection, deodorizing products, cutaneous brusqueness, skin-sensitivity, and body care.

We submit our products to rigorous examination, national and international clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the products. These studies have been published in acknowledged journals in the science field.

We actively collaborate with experienced dermatologists of a national and International sort to provide high profile products which satisfy the highest quality standards.

Our research in the cosmetic field is aim to get:

  • Pharmaceutical quality to assure an elevated product performance,
  • Safety to assure that our products can be tolerated by the highest sensitivity – skins.
  • Amenity and sensorial use to assure customers, innovative, light and enjoyable products.


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