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Biogena Propso Cap (150ml)

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The Product

Propso Cap is cream pack adjuvant for treatment of scalp psoriasis, studied to fight excessive formation of flakes and scabs, accompanied by irritation, reddening and itching. Based on Zinc Pyrithione and Silymarin.

It does not contain tar, salicylic acid, keratolytic agents and cortisone, it has no special containdications and is suitable for ongoing use.


Propso Cap contains Zinc Pyrithione and Silymarin (extracted from milk thistle), effective for the exclusive synergistic cytostatic and anti-proliferative action, and extract of three plants (Altea officinalis,Salvia officinalis andPassiflora incarnata), with a soothing, dereddening and lenitive action on the scalp.

Directions for use

Apply thrice or four times a week on damp hair; rinse after 20-30 minutes. For maintenance, use twice a week.

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