Biogena Osmin Top Gel Detergente (250ml)

Biogena Osmin Top Gel Detergente (250ml)

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The Product

Osmin Top Gel Detergente is an extremely delicate liquid cleansing gel. This extremely gentle cleansing product is recommended for all conditions of dry skin, reddening and itching normally associated with atopic skin. Free of aggressive components, it guarantees thorough cleansing and total respect for the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis, concurrently ensuring a moisturising and soothing action.


Osmin Top Gel Detergente is an ultra delicate, moisturising, lenitive cleansing detergent. Based on Glycerophosphoinositol and Glycerophosphoinositol and Perilla frutescens Extracts. SLES free (sodium laureth sulphate). No added preservatives, fragrances, paraffin, known allergens.

No Nickel (Nickel <1 ppm).


Osmin Top Gel Detergente, with Glycerophosphoinositol and Perilla Frutescens Extracts, it has a moisturising, soothing and anti-itching action. Ideal for cleansing atopic skin or skin with irritative or allergic dermatitis (ICD and ACD).

SLES free (sodium laureth sulphate)

Directions for use

Suitable for use as either a shower or bath gel.