Golden Tan Booster

Golden Tan Super Booster: The Perfect Sun Tan

Golden Tan Super Booster
The Perfect Sun Tan

👉 After a winter spent indoors, our skin needs help to deal with the first exposure to the sun and to start tanning.

Prepare your skin for summer by starting immediately with the application of #Histomer GOLDEN TAN, even on less sunny days.

☀️ The result will be evident from the first exposure to the sun: a perfectly tanned, luminous skin with a beautiful uniform complexion.

💯 Histan Golden Tan is a tanning intensifier and accelerator based on DMP, tyrosine and plant stem cells. Did you know that it is able to accelerate and intensify the tan by + 40% *?

* Clinical instrumental test conducted on 10 volunteers for a duration of 20 days. 7 days of application at home before exposure to the sun.

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