Histan Active Sun Protection – Let’s save our skin

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All of us after months of quarantine want to enjoy some sun! But if it is true that the sun makes us feel good by improving mood and intervening in various biochemical processes useful for our health, it is equally true that the close correlation between sun exposure and the onset of different types of skin cancer makes it indispensable for us to remember at the beginning of the season, the importance of prevention by adopting common sense in sun exposure and use safe and reliable sun protection. In the Histan line of sunscreens by #Histomer, Sensitive Skin products represent the best of dermo-cosmetic research for sun protection of even the most sensitive skin, thanks to formulas free of allergens, endocrine disruptors or polluting substances. Our products are eco-compatible and dermatologically tested to protect skin allergic to the sun, sensitive, vulnerable skin like that of children or very light phototypes.

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