Histomer Skin Detox

Histomer #BeautyRoutine: F201 Skin Detox

It’s time for Skin Detox!
The good resolutions for January start with a #SkinCare Detox to make the skin healthier, brighter, more homogeneous and free of toxins and impurities.
Cleansing and specific purifying masks are the first step to reduce the problems arising from the use of masks, excess food and medicines. Active ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids, mandelic acid, extracts of burdock, farnesol, silver citrate, zinc acetate, are able to purify the skin, regulate sebum secretion, perform a powerful bacteriostatic, calming and rebalancing action.
Here are the 3 products of the Formula 201 line with which to start the Detox #BeautyRoutine :
???? Green Age Dermal Cleanser.
???? Exfoliating Gel Mask
???? Normalizing Day Complex.
Used consistently, they are very effective for detoxifying your skin, illuminating it, stripping it of impurities, imperfections, spots and irritations.
Continue to follow us to discover the details and tips on detox care for an increasingly radiant face.

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