Vein Tonic
Vein Tonic Ice Gel

Histomer Vein Tonic Ice Gel

Vein Tonic Ice Gel is the refreshing, draining and soothing tri-active cold gel for heavy legs and ankles: an excellent remedy for the hot days in the office these last weeks before the holidays! Apply it in the morning for relief that will accompany you throughout the day!
The delicate formula is the ideal ally for:
🔹 Relieve fatigue, heaviness and swelling,
🔹 Restore microcirculation,
🔹 Refresh with cold action,
🔹 Reduce venous capillaries.
🔬The secret? Its special ingredients: Menthol, Peppermint, Arnica Montana, Rusco, Caffeine, Carnitine.

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