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Many will have noticed by now, the appearance of tiny pimples on the face, or a skin that is drier and sometimes painful. They can be consequences of constant mask-wearing, for more hours during the day. ????
Here are Histomer’s tips to take care of your irritated face:
???? A good skincare routine starts, as usual, from the cleansing that needs to be delicate and should be done twice a day, before the mask and after, to remove impurities and bacteria that form through the day.
???? It’s always good practice to take care of your skin like it deserves, never giving up hydration and choosing a light but emollient product for the area affected by the maskne that can restore irritated skin relief, protect and repair it, restoring it to achieve correct pH balance.
✨ The three essential allies for your beauty routine:
– Hisiris Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel
– Hisiris Whenever Gel Mask
– Hisiris Pro Dermis

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