Tricology Hair Shampoos

Coadjuvant treatments for Tricology

We all consider hair as a captivating beauty weapon. Daily hair care means maintaining it beautiful, thick and healthy! Each hair is formed by two parts: the root (or bulb), which contains the matrix cells that originate all hair structures and layers, and the shaft, which in turn is formed by three concentric elements: the cuticle, the outermost layer comprising 6-8 layers of overlying flattened cells – it protects shaft integrity from the external environment; the cortex, which forms the major part of the hair and contributes toward mechanical properties, and the medulla, the innermost part.

The hair shaft contains keratin, an alpha-helical protein that is rich in residual cysteine, an amino acid containing sulphur. The single helices of keratin are linked by various intra-e intermolecular interactions; the latter include disulphide bonds between residual cysteine that endow hair with shape and resistance.

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