Hisiris Sensitive Skin Speciality


Hisiris differentiated treatments for sensitive skin.

Depending on the situation that determined it, sensitive skin requires specific interventions with different treatment by category and dedicated protocols.

The value of the new HISIRIS range is that it has identified three categories of sensitive skin, plus 1 shock treatment, defining for each of them a specific approach.

HISIRIS combines together Dermatological Culture and Cosmetic Research, to offer solutions that were previously unimaginable.

Sensitive skin is a complex condition that unites different manifestations of discomfort and malaise, accompanied by visible signs such as tingling, warmth, redness, roughness and dryness. Recent studies have found that episodes related to skin sensitivity have drastically increased in recent years, but the result is not always up to expectations: there is no specific protocol to treat different types of skin sensitivity, until this moment.

Hisiris is a real and proper revolution in the treatment of sensitive skin. Histomer developed with Hisiris the first professional specialized line for the differential treatment of sensitive skin, to be done at selected Histomer beauty salons. Thanks to the professionalism of qualified beauticians and the use of specialized products, we guarantee the customer great results!

Video: Hisiris Professional Treatment

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