Histan Golden Tan Super Booster (250ml)

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Intensifier and face / body tan accelerator.

It enhances the skin’s ability to take advantage of all the benefits of sun exposure. Promotes a perfect, intense, uniform and long-lasting tan. Ideal for use before, during and after tanning.

A special formula with a very high concentration of “Triple Force Melanin Booster”, an exclusive biological complex which increases the capacity of skin to take advantage of sun exposure. Facilitates a perfect, intense consistent and lasting tan, for both body and face. 

To achieve maximum benefits, use Histan Golden Tan Booster not only during, but also immediately prior to and following the period of sun exposure.

  • If used at least 10 days prior to sun exposure, preferably in the morning, it prepares the skin for a more a intense tan.
  • During the period of sun exposure, when used if possible in the morning and in the evening, it accelerates skin pigmentation, renders it consistent, intense and exceptionally pleasant.
  • If applied daily for two weeks after the period of sun exposure, it extends the tan duration.

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