Histomer Drain O2 Complete Slimming Treatment

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Dual Action: Draining and Fat Burning

Histomer Drain O2 Slimming Dual Action Complete Tretament Pack contains:

Lipo Osmotic Slimming Scrub 200ml
A sea salt concentrate that presents as finely ground solid crystalline particles blended into a Marrubium Stem Cell gel.

Sea salt in a solid crystalline state performs a gentle peeling and cleanses the skin perfectly while exerting an intensive osmotic stimulation effect on adipose deposits.

Marrubium Stem Cells combine the stimulant effect of sea salt with an in-depth oxygenating and detoxifying action that further enhances treatment efficacy.

Directions: Apply on dry skin, massaging for a few minutes. Finally, remove using gloves/sponges soaked in warm water.


Slimming Body Dual Action 400ml

Powerful slimming and draining formula based on the exclusive combination of lipolytic and lymphatic drainage active ingredients (Pink Pepper, Marine Plankton, Zingiber Zerumbet, Melilotus Officinalis) and Marrabium and Globularia Stem Cells with instant oxygenating/regenerating action.

Contributes to activating lymphatic circulation, mobilizing adipose deposits, and encouraging the elimination of fluids and toxins by removing the main factors responsible for the cellulite process.

Directions: Apply 1-2 times a day on legs, tummy, and buttocks with circular upward movements.

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