Histomer F201 Botumimic Concentrate (14ml)

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BotuMimic Concentrate is a non-invasive, Botox-like special treatment designed to considerably reduce expression lines. Its action both attenuates the typical contractions of facial mimicry and restore density in the sub-epidermal connective tissue. Botumimic Concentrate represents a very extraordinary formulation based on pure Argireline Peptides and other precious ingredients similar to active principles used in aesthetic medicine. It can be used either alone or as adjuvant for the anti-wrinkle treatments of aesthetic medicine. Apply on well defined and restricted areas of the face, like forehead wrinkles, eye contour area, between nose and mouth and also between eyebrows.

Active Ingredients: Argireline, Zanthalene, Acetyl Glucosamine, Gardenia Jasminoides Stem cells.

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