Histomer F201 Green Age Stem Cell Concentrate (6 x 3ml)

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The presence of plant stem cells is crucial in Formula 201 assisted skin regeneration treatments. Green Age Treatment contains Centella Asiatica stem cells that enhancedermal resistance to the dissemination of infection, and Syringa Vulgaris stem cells that regulate sebaceous gland function, reducing the formation of blackheads.

Active Ingredients: 

  • Centella Asiatica Stem Cells. The main ingredient of the product, they can stimulate the formation of new fibres that make connective tissues more compact and resistant. They play the important role of preventing intradermal breakage of pus pockets and their propagation.
  • Syringa Vulgaris Stem Cell Extract. Their action can affect the activity of sebaceous glands, reducing the quantity of sebum produced and its tendency to solidify and form blackheads.
  • Willow Bark Extract. Concentrated extract rich in salicylic acid glycosides. It unclogs sebaceous follicles and prevents the infection from forming cysts.

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