Histomer Hisris Pro Dermis Complete Treatment

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Repairing Treatment for Sensitive and Allergic Skin


Repairing Treatment for Sensitive and Allergic Skin

Hisiris Pro Dermis is the super moisturizing, soothing, and anti-aging treatment for:
  • sensitive and irritated skin in urgent need of protection and repair;
  • skin that has an innate tendency to develop irritations and allergies.
Hisiris Pro-Dermis contains De-Sensyl Complex, a valuable complex of active ingredients that:
  • prevents and reduces discomfort, excessive dryness, and reddening;
  • strengthens the skin’s defenses;
  • contributes to combating wrinkles, dark blemishes and all signs of skin aging.
1x Hisiris Pro Dermis Active Cream 50ml
1x Hisiris Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel 200ml



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