Histomer BIO HLS Micellar Cleansing Oil (200ml) - Histomer Malta

Histomer BIO HLS Micellar Cleansing Oil (200ml)

  • €29.75

Micellar oil / make-up remover

Easily removes all types of make-up, even the heaviest, with extreme gentleness and without leaving any traces or residue. Is the ideal product for clearing pores and sebaceous follicles that are blocked by impurities. It oxygenates the skin and allows subsequent treatments to exert a deep-down action.

Directions: take a small amount of product and gently massage it onto the face, especially on the eyes and lips and on areas with heavier makeup. Finally wipe the whole face with wet sponges to remove all residue and then tonify the skin with Bio HLS Toning Lotion.

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