Histomer Drain O2 Lipo Osmotic Slimming Scrub (500ml) - Histomer Malta

Histomer Drain O2 Lipo Osmotic Slimming Scrub (500ml)

  • €59.95

Lipo Osmotic Slimming Scrub is a sea salt concentrate that presents as finely ground solid crystalline particles blended into a Marrubium Stem Cell gel.

Sea salt in a solid crystalline state performs a gentle peeling and cleanses the skin perfectly while exerting an intensive osmotic stimulation effect on adipose deposits.

Marrubium Stem Cells combine the stimulant effect of sea salt with an in-depth oxygenating and detoxifying action that further enhances treatment efficacy.

Directions: Apply on dry skin, massaging for a few minutes. Finally, remove using gloves/sponges soaked in warm water.

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