Histomer F201 Mandelic Peel 20% (50ml) - Histomer Malta

Histomer F201 Mandelic Peel 20% (50ml)

  • €88.00

It is the result of long and extended research conducted by Histomer on Mandelic Acid and its combination with vegetable stem cells. Produced with a 20% concentration, this peeling is highly effective and well-tolerated thanks to a special form of free Mandelic Acid strengthened by small amounts of Gluconolactone and Glycolic Acid. Apply on normal and oily skin.

Active Ingredients: Mandelic Acid ph 3.0, Gluconolactone, Amphoteric Amino Acid Complex, Zanthalene, Glycolic Acid.

Please note that this product should be used only by a Professional Beauty Therapist. Read instructions carefully before use.


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