Histomer F201 Zinc-O-Mask (250ml) - Histomer Malta

Histomer F201 Zinc-O-Mask (250ml)

  • €29.95

Soothing and regenerating mask containing Plant Stem Cells and Zinc Oxide to regenerate and relieve reddened or sensitised skin, and to restore the balance of oily skin and/or of skin with a tendency to acne. Instantly soothes irritations, and attenuates the tendency to excessive oiliness.

Active Ingredients:

  • Zinc Oxide. Classic remedy proposed by the pharmacopoeia to soothe inflammation, and absorb and neutralise irritant substances.

  • Vitamin E (Tocoferyl Acetate) vitamin with anti-free radical, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Syringa Vulgaris Stem Cell Extract performs an intense regenerating and moderating action on excessive sebum secretion.

  • Bisabolol, Beta-Sitosterol, typical substances that soothe irritations.

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