Histomer Vitamin C Facial Mask (10 x 36g) - Histomer Malta

Histomer Vitamin C Facial Mask (10 x 36g)

  • €45.95

Vitamin C Formula is recommended during season changes to alternate certain potentially repetitive treatments and also as an intensive anti-aging and after-sun repair treatment. Regulates cellular respiration, fights free radicals and slows down skin aging. Promotes the formation of collagen and makes the tissues more compact, clears brown spots and illuminates the complexion. Strengthens immune function, increasing skin resistance, strengthens capillaries, reducing redness and itching.

The particular composition of HISTOMER VITAMIN C FORMULA deeply renews the skin, making it much more smooth, elastic and luminous, eradicates brown spots, contributes to the minimisation of the appearance of superficial capillaries, counteracts redness and fights all the root causes of skin aging.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), diatomaceous soil, Algin.


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