Planta Pura Intimo (250ml)

Planta Pura Intimo (250ml)

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Cleanser and deodorant for feminine hygiene containing Aniseptil (*), a compound obtained from Star Anise with purifying and deodorant properties. Formulated to keep the vaginal area well-balanced and protected. Particularly effective on irritations, burning, itching, discharge and unpleasant odours.

(*) Aniseptil is a patent of Histolab laboratories of Geneva.

Planta Pura is a line of completely natural cosmetics made of non-chemically treated "virgin" plants, which haven't been modified by any kind of biotechnological processing.

Planta Pura is the result of an intense collaboration between one of the leading Italian pharmaceutical companies in dermatology (Valetudo), and a Swiss advanced botanical research institute (Histolab in Geneva).