The NEW Histomer Eye Life…..a revolutionary eye contour treatment

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The NEW Histomer EYE LIFE is finally here!!
Eye Life is the complete Histomer treatment designed for a triple action against eye contour issues.
  • The Gold-Peptide Bio-Catalyst, a molecular complex of Biopeptides and pure colloidal gold. Performs a powerful lifting and antigravity action, which leads to a progressive reduction of the eyelid bags.
  • It contains the extract of natural Bio-Flavonoids, obtained from the infusions of Goldenrod (Solidago Virga Aurea). It works by reducing the swelling and dark circles underneath the eyes caused by the slowing of venous circulation in the eyelids.
  • The extract of Marrubium Stem Cells, a precious ally in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes, works by fighting the free radicals and oxidative stress, relaxing the epidermis and favoring the elimination of toxins and signs of fatigue.

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