Histomer #BeautyRoutine: Sensitive Skin

In recent weeks, millions of people complain of increased skin sensitivity. The reasons are different but the effect is the same: a more sensitive, irritated, allergic, dry face skin. Itching and redness, sensations of dryness and discomfort are also common consequences of the use of protective masks. The correct use of these protective devices alters delicate skin balance, weakening the skin’s defences and promotes irritation, redness and allergic reactions. To restore relief to irritated skin, protect it, repair it and to restore the correct balance, calm and de-redness, here are 3 essential and very effective allies:
✨ Hisiris Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel
✨ Hisiris Whenever Gel Mask
✨ Hisiris Pro Dermis.
Take advantage of the special January discounts and contact your trusted Histomer beautician to receive advice on appropriate care for the health of your skin ????

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